West Texas National Bank


Holiday Name 2018 Observed Holiday Date 2019 Observed Holiday Date 2020 Observed Holiday Date
(Leap Year)
2021 Observed Holiday Date
New Year's Day Monday, January 1st Tuesday, January 1st Wednesday, January 1st Friday, January 1st
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, January 15th Monday, January 21st Monday, January 20th Monday, January 18th
Washington's Birthday (President's Day) Monday, February 19th Monday, February 18th Monday, February 17th Monday, February 15th
Memorial Day Monday, May 28th Monday, May 27th Monday, May 25th Monday, May 31st
Independence Day Wednesday, July 4th Thursday, July 4th Friday, July 3rd * Monday, July 5th *
Labor Day Monday, September 3rd Monday, September 2nd Monday, September 7th Monday, September 6th
Columbus Day Monday, October 8th Monday, October 14th Monday, October 12th Monday, October 11th
Veterans Day Monday, November 12th * Monday, November 11th Wednesday, November 11th Thursday, November 11th
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 22nd Thursday, November 28th Thursday, November 26th Thursday, November 25th
Friday After Thanksgiving Day Closed at Noon Closed at Noon Closed at Noon Closed at Noon
Christmas Eve Closed at Noon Closed at Noon Closed at Noon Closed at Noon
Christmas Day Tuesday, December 25th Wednesday, December 25th Friday, December 25th Friday, December 24th *

* The Holiday is observed on *Friday if the Holiday falls on a Saturday and observed on *Monday if the holiday falls on a Sunday.

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