West Texas National Bank

Service-Centric Leadership
and Management

Strategically located throughout West Texas, WTNB has professionally banked our customers since 1904, now with offices open in Dallas and Houston. 

 West Texas National Bank has a multi-state team of Mortgage & Land Lenders, Treasury Cash Management Professionals, Commercial Lenders and Agri-professionals to securely support your growth and business needs. For our Farm and Construction base, WTNB offers multi-state Dealer Inventory Equipment Financing. 

 For our Energy customers, WTNB has seasoned energy bankers and engineers, a strong capital base and robust financial syndication relationships with many of the largest regional and national energy banks to provide financial scalability. WTNB’s Board Members and Senior Management have deep hands-on experience throughout each of our business sectors. 

 West Texas National Bank provides extensive financial expertise and a sophisticated banking experience with bankers and branches located in its clients’ hometown areas or just a phone call away. 

 WTNB has the expertise to help fuel your personal and business banking needs. Thank you!

Board of Directors

David L. Davis


Richard D. Hatchett


R. Keith Moore

Vice Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

David A. Moore


Nancy C. Davis

Secretary to the Board

Charles A. Spence


Chris L. Whigham

Director & President

Ron W. Stroman


Richard C. Watts